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Monday, 03 February 2020 10:18 Written by 
  • Location(s): Azerbaijan
  • Type(s): Solution
  • Theme(s): Climate Change, Energy, Sustainable Development
  • SDG(s): 12. Responsible Consumption and Production, 13. Climate Action
  • Types of ComSec Solutions: Solution

Problem: Researches depict that during the precipitation, billions of gallons of rainwater occur over the world, which has huge potential if utilized in the right way. Based on our investigation, approximately 1.5 billion people live in rainy countries, where 33 million of those individuals reside in rural areas in which they have no or very limited access to electricity. Considering that the price of general electricity is 25 euro cent per KWH and 5 euro cents per KWH for solar energy in rainy countries, we create a more affordable and sustainable solution for them.

Solution: The Rainergy is designed to produce electricity from the rain to solve the problem of energy deficiency in rainy and low-income countries. It collects rainwater and transfers its rich potential energy into electricity through the motion created by the wheel. Eventually, electricity is stored in batteries for further implementation. We offer Rainergy product to low-income rural households, who live in remote regions of rainy countries, to have easy access to energy for their daily needs at affordable price. Our device consists of 4 major parts. Rain collector fills the water tank with rainwater which then goes through the electricity generator at high speed and generates the electricity through the motion created by the wheel. Generators work consists of receiving electrical current from the fixed magnetic field formed by the magnetic contour mounted on the base of neodymium, iron, and boron. Then the electricity is stored in the gel battery for further implementation.

Goals and objectives: The main purpose of Rainergy is to increase access to energy for people living in remote regions of rainy countries. The next goal is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air relative to other energy sources. It should be noted that only 10 g of carbon dioxide gas is emitted during Rainergy's creation, which is very small compared to other sources since one of the most common energy sources, Thermal power plants, which uses coal and gas, emits between 350-1100 g CO2 per KWH generated.

Implementation: Rainergy was founded in April 2017 during the ClimatelaunchPad pre-accelerator program, where we worked on the project and built its first 2 prototypes with the help of our mentors. The prototype lightened up only 3 LED lamps, while the second one lightened up 22 LED lamps. After the ClimatelaunchPad program, the Alternative Agency of Azerbaijan assisted us to build the third prototype, which gave us 120 watts of power if the rotor's rotation speed was 180 cycles per minute. Indicators of the 3rd prototype :

• Power: 120 W

• Tension: 12 V

• Electric current: 10A

• Rotor’s rotation speed: 180 cycles / min

Currently, the project is supported by the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Islamic Development Bank, and The Global Good Fellowship Program.

Now with the third working version of the Rainergy generator and the 100,000$ amount seed funding stage behind, the next step is to build the 4th prototype and test it in a rainy country like Singapore.

Achievements: The project revenue model has been proven in local and global markets, such as a sustainable and up-to-date business model. The idea itself led Jamalova to earn a place in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List in 2018 and BBC’s 100 Women list in 2018 as the first Azerbaijani to make the lists. Rainergy also made it to the final rounds of the competition at ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s largest green business idea competition, Intel ISEF 2019, and Tomorrow of Scientists competition, where it won the first place. Rainergy was first represented globally at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and caused great interest, thus even attracting the attention of Ivanka Trump.

Rainergy then became one of the 32 winners out of the 1576 projects worldwide under the Transform Fund Competition held by the Islamic Development Bank for the first time in 2018. Rainergy also became one of the 25 supporting startups by The Global Good Fund Fellowship Program out of 2600 applicants worldwide in 2020.

Rainergy has been published on several media news including Forbes, UN, Le Figaro, and La Nacion as an affordable, green, and sustainable project.

Budget: Islamic Development Bank and The Global Good Fund Fellowship Program provide the total initial seed in the amount of 100,000$, with former processing 90,000$ and latter providing 10,000$.

Contact details:

Address: Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone: +994 77 460 1364

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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